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Use Spray Paints for a Custom Painting Job

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If you are thinking of taking up a painting project, you would probably know that paintbrushes and rollers often don't produce great performances. On the other hand, the use of spray paints gives a more professional result. Sprayers give tidy and clean aesthetics to all kinds of surfaces matter if it is small or large. They can be used on a number of different surfaces including brick, wood, masonry and metal. They are one of the most cost effective ways to custom paint any surface.

Basic Spray Paint


For carrying out excellent custom paint jobs, you can choose from different kinds of sprayers from the market. Your selection should depend on the coverage area as well as the kind of surface you want painted. Air sprayers are best for small projects as well as exteriors and medium interiors. Large interiors and exteriors can ideally served by airless sprayers. Hobby projects, small projects or touch up tasks are best served by cup sprayers. In case you want detailed works, you can go in for high volume low pressure kind of sprayers.

Know how

Half your work is done when you choose the right type of sprayer for your custom paint project. The remaining work is all about the application technique. To do a good job with the sprayer, you would have to know how to use spray paints efficiently. Efficient custom painting can be done by following a few basic techniques.

It is best to first test the sprayer on a sheet of scrap surface and makes technique adjustments to achieve a consistent spray.

You should use spray paints by keeping the sprayer straight and swaying your arm instead of your wrist.

If you have to paint iron surfaces, make sure that any remnants of rust has been removed.

It is important to avoid build up of paint at a particular place by swaying your arms before pulling the spray trigger and after.

Even custom painting is achieved by moving the sprayer in a smooth motion at a uniform speed.

Don't forget to clean the custom paint components after the work is over, otherwise the paint will to solidify. Good luck with your spray painting endeavour!

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